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Litha Meditation ~ Goddess-self

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

a person meditating on rocks

At this moment, we are approaching the midday brilliance of the Summer Solstice; the Summer Solstice which marks the longest day of the year, the day with most light. As the sun rays stretch across the earth this day, sharing warmth and radiance, be aware of and celebrate your own inner light.

We all have Supreme Light inside of us. As we awake to the brightness of the sun, we also awake and are conscious of our inner light.

Call it your Goddess Self.

Take a deep breath in and let it out slowly.

You are here, the half way point of the year, the peak of the sun energy - this energetic point in the Wheel of the Year. For now, let these next moments be calm and relax into your own brilliance.

Set the intention to embark on this inner journey in alignment with your highest good.

Bring your attention to your third chakra, between the naval and the heart at your solar plexus.

Rest your hands wherever you feel this energy radiate the most. Visualize the chakra as a big yellow sun with long rays extending across and deeply into your body. Imagine this golden light illuminating you, so that you too begin to shine like the brilliant sun.

Breathe in and out from this place.

Feel your belly rise and fall with the movements of your breath. Slow your breathing and track its rhythmic cycle from fullness to emptiness, fullness to emptiness, over and over until your body is relaxed, your mind is empty, and your consciousness is deeply anchored in your inner core.

Open to the signs of Summer wherever you are – the growing heat, the sun-bright green leaves, the fragrant smells of flowers and grass, and the infinite other ways Mother Earth is blossoming around you.

Let a plant, bird or other wild thing come into your mind. Notice its beauty and behaviors. Know that this plant or creature is doing exactly what it is meant to do, in accordance its unique essence and purpose.

Close your eyes and shift your awareness to your flesh and bones, and into the depth of your inner landscape.

Here there is a luminescent spark of Creation where your inner fire rests. It holds your unique essences and sacred purpose. You are beautiful, worthy, powerful, Divine. You are Goddess.

Draw the powers of sunlight deep inside of you and feel it spark your own blossoming instincts.

A pathway is lit and opening to a deeper inner sanctum where your Goddess Self awaits you.

Seek Her. She will show you the parts of your beauty and purpose that are ready to blossom at this time.

The powerful presence and call of your Goddess Self leads you forward on this path.

As you travel, take in the state of this path. Is it smooth and well-tended, in a state of neglect and disrepair, or somewhere in between? Is your way free and clear, or blocked by debris and brambles? Are you beleaguered by limiting thoughts, doubts and fears? Or are you in synch with the natural state of abundance and grace that underlies this path?

Take a deep, full breath and accept that, whatever its condition, this is your path and way forward to your blossoming.

Feel the rightness of your desire to reclaim your destined place in the greater weaving of the Universe.

Listen for the beckoning voice of your Goddess Self. Try to catch Her scent on the wind. Surrender to Her magnetic power as she draws you to Her side.

You will know when you have reached the threshold of your inner sanctum; something deep inside will tell you: yes, this is it, this is my most private, sacred space.

Take a few moments to center yourself and ensure you are completely present, for this is a powerful moment — a homecoming and reclaiming.

Step past the threshold, enter this sacred space and meet your Goddess Self. Your inner sanctum may be a garden, a wild space, some special place from your life, or a landscape out of a dream. Look around you; take in the colors, scents, sounds and details. Let yourself be completely at home.

Your Goddess Self may look like you, or have Her own unique appearance. Bask in Her beauty and radiant smile, absorbing the details of Her physical form and the up-close sensations of Her energetic presence. Open to your own energetic and emotional responses to this reunion and homecoming.

Reach out to your Goddess Self, clasping Her hands in yours. Gaze deep and long into each other’s eyes. Let the love and goodness that you are, and that infuses all things, flow between you. Settle into this rightness that is you — this worthiness that is you — this beauty that is you — this power, mystery and presence that are you.

Take a few moments with your Goddess Self to renew your bond. Allow yourself to receive Her guidance, insights and loving support. Unite with your brilliance and wisdom and the instincts that connect you with the mysteries of sacred purpose.

Ask your Goddess Self to show you that are ready to bloom in the sunlit realm of your everyday life, and the ways you can cultivate this blossoming.

Follow Her into the deepest roots of your beauty, gifts and best qualities. What do shadows fears and doubts have to show you? What parts of your purpose are ripe for blossoming? What path is emerging for you?

Expand your awareness to your broader environment, including your family, workplace and community. Open to your Goddess Self’s knowing of the natural abundance of the sacred feminine and Mother Earth. Let Her reveal the beneficial impact you can have on your outer environment through your gifts, and how you can bring more grace, goodness and generosity to your life and to others.

If you are ready, say yes to what has been revealed to you. If you not ready, note whatever changes and commitments are right for you at this time on your journey of soul.

Embrace your Goddess Self and feel the profound power and love that flows between you. She is a part of you, always present, always remembering your beauty, innate worthiness, and sacred purpose and place in the great weaving of life. Express your gratitude for Her presence and guidance.

Put your hands on your solar plexus and savor this moment.

There is no separation between you and your feminine wisdom, and there never was. Like the plants and creatures of the natural realm, you too have a luminescent spark of Creation in your core that holds the unique essence and sacred purpose of your Goddess Self.

Then rest your hands either in prayer in front of your heart or on your knees. Begin to breath in and out deeply. Imagine your inner light, nourished by the sun and your union with your Goddess Self begin to become even greater with each inhale and rise up toward your crown with each exhale.

Continue to raise that energy up towards your crown for a few more breaths and then inhale and raise your arms up towards the sky, sending that light up and out of the top of your head. Imagine the light bursting through your crown, sending glorious waves of light into the world and up towards the sun.

Lift your face to the sun. Exhale and slowly bring your hands back to prayer and down your body to your heart. Breathe in and out here three times focusing on the light that surrounds you and is inside of you.

Retrace your passage along the pathway that led to your inner sanctum. With each step and breath feel yourself return to your physical body and everyday consciousness. Open your eyes and connect once more with the summer-bright world, basking in Nature’s generous gifts of sunlight, fresh air and green-growing things.

There is a place for you in the great weaving of life, just waiting for the shining outward of your inner light, your deepest beauty and gifts.

The Goddess is everywhere and in everything. Remember that the light is inside of you and you are the light, you have the power of light.

You are Goddess.


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