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The Elements

The elements are the gifts of Nature that guide wellness, fulfillment,
love, and prosperity in life, and in connection with others.

We travel this spiral of life with soil, wind, flame, and stream,
connected at the center in spirit and open to the portal of void.

They relate to each other and they relate to us, as does everything in Nature. 

For more information on each Element, please click on the names below.


Arising from the East

          in colors of yellow and the palest of blues


Air is the breath of new ideas and beginnings,

          gifting us with

               inspiration and wonder

                    communication and mental clarity

Infinity sign in clouds
Infinity sign in sand

Arising from the North                                              

          in colors of green and brown


Earth is the womb of fertility and abundance,

          gifting us with

               strength and determination

                    grounding and manifestation

Infinity sign of fire


Arising from the South

          in colors of red and orange


Fire is the spark, the flame of activation,

          gifting us with

               passion and courage

                    energy and transformation


Arising from the West

          in colors of blue and sea green


Water is the overflowing chalice of Divine love,

          gifting us with

               dreaming and healing

                    compassion and connection

Infinity sign of water
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