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Hiya... Hola... Hey y'all... Hail and welcome!

I'm Daria - so nice to meet you!

Born and raised in the US (#ATL), my love of travel and world culture began early as my family lived in Asia for 5 years and traveled the world. I'm currently living with my husband in my magical Motherland of Ireland. Though we're "settled" in Dublin at the moment, in my heart I'm still living our nomad lifestyle, which, since 2017, has taken us all around the US and Europe. By housesitting and AirBnb'ing, we have been able to travel full-time while studying, working, and visiting friends and family; expanding our horizons as global citizens, and experiencing as much of this holy Earth as we can.

At various times in my life I have been a proofreader, editor, project manager, wedding wise woman, planner and officiant... and I am a wife, daughter, sister, auntie, mother (of four-legged furry children), entrepreneur and gypsy traveler. 

Always, I am a student of life, lover of language, poet, reader, plant- and pup-whisperer, Pisces Mermaid, dancer, dreamer, yogi, starseed, child of the universe... and most importantly...

I am Devoted to The Goddess

Melusina Mermaid Goddess

My awakening as Her priestess has been one of the greatest gifts and deepest honors of my life.

I am Her flame-keeper

Her water-bearer

Temple dancer and en-chant-ress

Sacred space holder and cheerleader

Visionary, ritualist and ceremonial celebrant

Mystic, poet and channel 

Magdalena, Maryam, Daughter of the Way of the Rose

Priestess of Brigid, ancient Avalon and Kwan Yin

Starseed and Child of the Universe

Gifted with the name of Sophia Daria

I soar with dragon wings

In Her Honor

My constant prayer is to be an answered prayer

As Her vessel of Life and Love

I pray that all life may know Her peace and Her grace

And to live my vow to Her, every moment

Remembering this truth:

All is Her Blessing ~ All is Her Love

Let's Connect!

Circle Leader

Moon and Seasonal Circles in Ireland


Writing and Performing Weddings, Funerals, Baby Blessings and Other Ceremonies

Travel Companion

Sacred Pilgrimages, Seeking Her Treasures

Email: priestess (@)

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Ouribous Golden Goddess
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