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Freya and the Necklace (A Litha Story)

By Daria MacGregor

For Three Sisters Temple Litha celebration, June 2021

Hail Freyja the Norse goddess of Love, War and Magic

She is the Wild one (unTamed)

She is mixed and merged with Frigg - the Mother of All, Lady of hearth and home,

the ideal wife

Are they the same? No one knows for sure…

This is the story of...

Freya and the Necklace

Once upon a time, just a moment ago,

Freya crossed the Rainbow Bridge from Asgard, realm of the divine,

to earth, her former home

She sees the most beautiful necklace - oh!

She MUST have it, nothing else will do

The magical golden necklace, Brisingamen, dwarf-crafted

It is hers and hers alone

What is the price she will pay?


Giving of her self, her love, her secret place - to not one, not two, not three, but FOUR dwarves - creatures of the underworld, working beneath the earth, taking (without asking) of Her gifts...

Well, now they ask. And in her desire she says Yes.

And she loves them, and allows them inside of her, 1, 2, 3, 4 (earth, water, fire, air)

Gifts for gifts - a fair exchange

And then it's hers - the necklace, the chain fastened around her neck

And she is in ecstasy

Her husband Odin, All-Father, He who knows the secret language of runes; hung on the tree of life...

He wonders at this newfound joy, and he questions her

Loki the trickster whispers the truth - she gave of her secret self to the lowest of the low


And her husband feels betrayed

That husband for whom she crossed the rainbow bridge, world to world

Letting go her history, her people, her life

To be with him and his people, to be their lady.

How could he be betrayed? When her self is her own, always?

Who can control or own another one, without their permission?

And yet she is tricked, by other men, whom she also loved and who loved her

For the sake of being held and chained by them, she lost her necklace

Spellbound… she is stunned… trollabundin...

{Interlude Music - Trollabundin, by Eivor}

YET, in the loss, what else?

A chain no longer around her neck

She is free to give herself


Free to breathe in love, to wholeness, to loss, and to wholeness again

She moves in the pumping breathing spiral of the ebbing flowing life of earth

love and loss

love and loss

love and loss

And in her belly, in the empty space

Over the rainbow bridge, linking the worlds of heaven and earth

A new love takes hold

Her son, Baldr

And in his birth she too is created anew

Maiden turns to Mother as the Wheel turns

She yields her solitary life to one of linked love

A necklace, returned at last


Found and lost and found again

Bound and freed and freed and bound

A chain which can never be broken, or stolen, or lost, or tricked away

For Mother and Child are one forever

No matter what illusion of separation may come

Life, Death, Rebirth

And as a Child is born, so too is a Mother

Frigg, Beloved, All-Mother

Freyja, Lady, Queen of Magic

Can we doubt they are one and the same

Any more than any of us who wear her many faces?

Mother, Daughter

Lover, Whore

Sister, Priestess

The Goddess shows us all our beautiful selves - and how they swirl and merge together

All is One

And All is Her Love

Blessed Be


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