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Drop and ripples water


The Element of Water offers us the principles of mutability and purification and is associated with:

  • our emotions 

  • our intuition and inner knowing

  • connection and relationships

  • cleansing and release

  • healing and nurturing

  • dreaming and imagining

  • love and compassion for ourselves and others

In our practice, the Element of Water is associated with the West, the place of the setting sun and where our ancestors dwell. As the ocean connects the island to the shore, Water carries the message of the Oneness of All. The illusion of our separateness dissolves quicker in Water than in any other element. Therefore, Water is about our relationships and our connection to all of life on this planet.


Water holds the memory of everything that has been and will ever be. It is primordial, for life on this planet emerged from the sea. It is the womb of creation, where our intuition and inner knowing lives. The watery, numinous place where dreams and imaginings can evolve without boundaries or constraints.


Water teaches us that there is a dynamic and necessary ebb and flow in the Universe and our lives. Water is fluid, always moving and changing. It is formless and colorless, always assuming the shape of its container. When someone or something pulls back, water rushes in to fill any void. Water, therefore, offers us the principle of mutability; the ability to be flexible, to allow and flow with change, rather than be stuck in stagnation.


Water embodies our feelings and emotions which are also always changing and moving, They too are flexible, can bend and weave, and change direction at any moment. We refer to lakes, oceans, ponds – as bodies of water. They connect us to our emotions and encourage us to allow our feelings to rise to the surface and notice how they are connected to our physical bodies. We can soften with the waters of receptivity and completely feel our feelings; for they will not overwhelm or drown us. And once truly felt, the tide and the current will change, with new feelings replacing those that have been felt completely into release. 


Like the rain, Water also purifies us, cleansing us both on the inside and out. We can release any negativity and debris into water and allow it to be washed away and received back into the transformative power of Gaia, our mother. There is nothing we have suffered that we cannot heal within ourselves. Water carries Karuna, the medicine of unconditional compassion that has the power to heal us from every suffering. Pray over Water and it will carry your prayer to any wound that needs healing. The Holy properties of Water encourage us to let go and receive the abundant flow of Divine Love and compassion that is always available to us.

Working with Water:

In earlier times, we use to pause in our lives for Water – at the well, at the pump; and yet now many of us are not even consciously present when we turn on the tap. When we remember that what we put into the waters of life is what we will receive, we can open to the magic of this essential element.


There are numerous scientific experiments with water in which thoughts and feelings were spoken or simply intended into a glass of water and then the water was frozen. When viewed under a microscope the water that had received messages of love, benevolence, and compassion had formed physical molecular patterns of symmetrical, intricate, aesthetically pleasing crystals. Whereas those exposed to fearful and discordant messages resulted in disconnected, disfigured, and “unpleasant” molecular structures. This also occurred when the vibrations of singing bowls or harmonious, consonant music were compared with dissonant sounds.


So, as we pour a glass of water or fill our water bottles, we can take a moment to thank and bless the water. Send love, healing, and benevolent intentions into the water. And as we drink this water, remind ourselves to feel it washing away any negativity and filling these newly created spaces with our intentions of love and compassion.

Water Magic can be used for:

  • Love

  • Dreams

  • Visiting with ancestors and those who have transitioned

  • Cultivating your intuition

  • Connecting more with your emotions and allowing them to flow and change

  • Putting out fires of conflict and anger

  • Cleansing and purifying

  • Dissolving emotional blocks 

  • Healing emotional wounds

  • Nourishing your inner landscape with self-love


We encourage you to sacredly:

  • Walk and dance in the rain

  • Take a long, luxurious bath 

  • Imagine any negativity of the day washing off you in the shower or bath and then spiraling down the drain to be received by Gaia

  • Swim in a body of water

  • Stand at the edge of a body of water where all the elements meet!!


  • Nature: Oceans, Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, Streams, Rain, Snow, Coastal Tidal Pools, Waterfalls

  • Aspects:  Hear, Womb, Feel

  • Qualities:  Love, Compassion, Emotions, Dreams, Ancestors, Reflection, Purification, Connection

  • Tarot Suit:  Cups

  • Colors:  Blue, Sea Green, Lavender

  • Symbol:  Sh

  • Time:  Sunset

  • Season:  Autumn

  • Animals:  those who swim, have fin, fish, dolphin, whale, otter, octopus, coral

  • Plant:  St John’s Wort, Willow

  • Tool: Chalice

  • Astrological Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

  • Spirit form:  Undine

  • Goddesses:  Aphrodite, Quan Yin, Yemaya, Tiamat

  • Gods:  Poseidon, Njord, Agwe

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