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Rocks and pebbles gray spiral design

A Wiccan, a Druid and a Priestess meet at One Spirit Seminary...

and join together to form Three Sisters Temple,

celebrating nature, the cycles of life and the Goddess/God

in their myriad forms, by honoring the Wheel of the Year and the Moon. 

Triple Moon

Our Sacred Story...

of how we came together
in Her container,
to honor Her an
learn how to be
Her priestesses again...
as we have for
many, many lifetimes together...

Snake rising tree of life fruit

We found each other at an interfaith mystery school in New York City in 2017. Within a very short time, we knew we would be friends.

During the two-year program, we studied, learned, created and remembered together. 

At our ordination in 2019, we dedicated ourselves to Her path

and to each other.

And now, we have created this sacred space: a temple of sisterhood, devotion, reverence and joy in Her love.

In our time together we have learned about our own gifts. 

Learned to love ourselves. 

Learned about the wisdom traditions of the world. 

Learned to listen to Her calling.

Learned to create ceremonies to celebrate this sacred planet, 

our connections, and our communities.


And in the process, we deepened into Her magic.

Solidified and remembered our ties of sisterhood.

Built a private circle of women to honor the seasonal cycles of the Moon and the Sun and the Stars and Planets.

Expanded our offerings into the world by officiating ceremonies, offering blessings, teaching, writing books and poems, creating altars, casting spells, channeling, and more.


We have constantly practiced returning to alignment with our paths, through joy and pain.

And we have held each other through these initiations.

This site is our sacred story, of Three Sisters, our friendship,

and our love of the Goddess and of the Holy Earth.

This is our Remembering...of the mysteries, and of the magic.


We welcome you to walk with us on this journey.

May the learning, the practice and the joy continue to unfold! 

Ann Mercier

Wiccan, artist, altar designer extraordinaire, spell caster, guide, body-wise teacher and student of life

Barbara Jones

Druid, forest dweller,
educator, celebrant, wanderer, student of  breath work and tantra

Daria MacGregor

Priestess of the Goddess, traveler, poet, wedding wise woman, child of the universe
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