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The Element of Fire offers us the principles of activation and transformation and is associated with:

  • The spark, the activation and vitalization

  • Courage and tenacity

  • Action, motivation, and ambition

  • Passion and desire

  • Intensity and energy

  • The hearth of our homes

fire on black background

Fire is the source of light and illumination offering us hope and joy. It is the hearth of our homes and not so long ago, we built our communities around fire, the center of our circle. In our tradition, Fire is associated with the South, where the sun burns strong throughout the year, gifting us with passion, energy, and the desire to truly engage with life and the creative process.


The Element of Fire is the spark of life. It wakes us up, energizing and activating us to act upon a creative idea or plan. Fire is active, not passive, and is about reaching for a goal. Fire offers us courage, lighting our way when we are scared or unsure, so we can lean into our discomfort and move forward with confidence. In the Tarot, the Element of Fire is represented by the suit of Wands, that looks to the future with vision and intention while pursuing our dreams. 


The Element of Fire also holds the power of transformation. Science has proven that everything we perceive, including ourselves, is a form of vibrating energy. Nothing is truly solid, but rather appears solid due to its slower vibration. Heat (or the absence of) transforms the state of matter by raising (or lowering) the vibration and energetic movement. Fire is the cauldron of transformation where we can transform fear into fortitude, despair into optimism, and loss into new beginnings,

Working with Fire:

Fire offers us the flames of purification which will quickly burn off any negativity or anything we wish to eliminate from our lives. Write whatever you would like to release from your life on a piece of paper. Whatever situation, circumstance, habit, behavior, or relationship that no longer serves you and you wish to end or banish. And then burn it into ash, releasing it to the Universe to repurpose. To add even more power to your ritual, do this when the moon is full.  


Fire Magic can be used for:

  • Transformation, change

  • Courage

  • Passion, joy

  • Power, determination

  • Very quick manifestation (vs Earth for an evolving project)

  • Purification 

  • Release and banishing

  • Enlightenment and illumination


We encourage you to engage sacredly in:

  • Greet the sun each morning

  • Cook, brew

  • Spellwork:

    • For Release/Banishment:  Write whatever you wish to release, banish, …or simply be done with, on a piece of paper and then burn it.  

    • To Energize the Fulfillment of a goal/intention:  carve a candle with your goal. Place it on your altar or a special place and then light it and let it burn completely. Cup your hands around the flame and draw its power into your belly – feel your power to make it manifest. 

  • Build, tend and dance around an open fire.

  • Fire gaze and see what images and symbols may appear.


  • Nature:  Sun

  • Aspects:  Passion, Courage, Determination, Desire, Power, Transformation, Action

  • Qualities:

  • Tarot:  the suit of Wands

  • Colors:  Red, Orange, Yellow

  • Symbol:  Candle, cauldron

  • Time:  Noon, midday

  • Season:  Sumer

  • Animal:  All of Fang and Claw; lion, dragon, lizard

  • Plant:  Myrrh, Olive tree

  • Tool:  Wand, Cauldron

  • Astrological Sign:  Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

  • Spirit Form:  Salamander

  • Goddess:  Amaterasu, Brigid, Pele

  • Gods:  Horus, Surya, Lugh, Sol

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