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Blue sky clouds and sun air


The Element of Air offers us the principles of expansion and dispersion and is associated with:

  • Vastness, spaciousness

  • Inspiration, wonder, and new ideas

  • Our intellect, logic, and thinking

  • Mindfulness and thoughtfulness

  • Psychic awareness and knowing

  • Communication and clarity

  • Revealing hidden truths

In our practice, the Element of Air is associated with the East, the place of the rising sun and new beginnings. It offers us spaciousness and a window into the vastness of the Universe. It is the feeling of freedom and soaring through the sky while being held aloft by the wind. Air asks us to be open and trusting; to expand into this vastness and let go of our fears and any illusion of control. Just like the sea birds that glide mere inches above the surf, we can trust that the Divine currents will always support us. 


Air also represents our rational mind and thoughts. It gives us insight and clarity, and corresponds to the Tarot suit of Swords, which teaches us how to cut through any illusion and face what we need to. Air is the refreshing winds of new ideas and perspectives, asking us to rise above any situation or challenge and pull back the lens so we may look at it from a different angle. Our minds work best when they are open and receptive and when we allow the focus of our awareness to change, hidden truths and possibilities will be revealed. 


All that we hear is carried by Air – music and laughter, birds singing, the voice of a loved one; therefore, Air embodies communication in all its forms.  It gifts us with clarity in our communication and asks us to listen with our entire being and full attention. It is also facilitates our psychic connection and communication with our Higher Self, guides, ascended masters, angels, and beings beyond this physical realm.


Air awakens us to the consciousness of Creation. The murmuration of a flock of Starlings, as described by Phyliss Curott, demonstrates a magical form of connection and communication that occurs in nature. “…shapeshifting flocks fill the world with their magic, every bird connected to every other bird by a mystery. They ripple, spin, plunge, and ascend in unison, the pattern transformed in an instant as 100,000 Starlings turn together as one. The presence of such magic, fills the world and our beings with wonder beyond understanding.”

Working with Air:

Through our breath we are intimately connected with the element of Air and all of life, since we all share the same air.  Breathing is our first and last physical interaction with this Earthly plane. As a point of focus for mindfulness and meditation, our breath is always available to us. We encourage you to develop an intimate relationship with your breath. It can be your life long friend, ally, healer, and guide.  


Air Magic can be used for:

  • Inspiration

  • New and creative ways of thinking

  • Ease and clarity of communication

  • Peace of mind, quieting the mind

  • Tasks involving your mind or communicatin

    • Learning

    • Writing

    • Lecturing, teaching

    • Taking an exam


We encourage you to sacredly:

  • Meditate, pray

  • Pranayama and Breathwork

  • Chant, sing

  • Journal

  • Breath with a tree

  • Write a poem, invocation, or spell

  • Breathe a prayer into the wind

  • Stand outside on a windy day and announce your intentions, affirmations

  • Create and use incense

  • Craft a Witch’s Ladder



  • Nature:  Wind, Breeze,

  • Aspects:  Mind, Know

  • Qualities:  Imagination, Intelligence, Intuition, Communication, Poetry, Music

  • Tarot:  the suit of Swords

  • Colors:  White, Pale Blue, 

  • Symbol:  Feather

  • Time:  Dawn

  • Season:  Spring

  • Animal: All of Wing; Bird, Butterfly, Dragonfly

  • Plant:  Lavender, Bodhi Tree

  • Tool:  Sword, Athame

  • Astrological Signs:  Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

  • Spirit Form:  Sylph

  • Goddesses:  Aurora, Isis, Arianrhod

  • Gods:  Hermes, Thoth, Quetzalcoatl

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