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Mother Tree Goddess

The Goddess:
0 + 1 + 2 + 3 = ALL

She Who IS 

The Great Mother

Creatrix of All Life



Cosmic Womb


is Her Cosmic Womb

The Void

In which all is created

and to which all returns

In no time


is Union





Complete integration of all that is

With one emanation

The mirror of differentiation

Separating Her from Her Void


is the Polarity

the linear-circular river

between all opposites

merging them and yet

holding them in balance


Her two Hands








is the Fruit of the Union


Triangulation and


The Middle Way

The birth channel

Through which

the Divine Child

is born


is every possible emanation of LIFE


infinitely and eternally

from the birth canal

All is One

One is All

From the One we come

To the One we return

Over and over and over again

ALL is Her Blessing

ALL is Her Love







From the moment humans gained consciousness, we have been attempting to describe the ineffable, the divine, in words. And from that moment, we have been both succeeding (in our vast creativity which proves we are ALL divine sparks), and also failing miserably (for words are inadequate).

And yet, we still try to grasp the ungraspable...and so here is the Three Sisters' attempt to share Her beauty.


Our Goddess is many things - She is all things. She wears many faces and names.

Some of them are "feminine" and some are "masculine."

She is all faces, and all names.

She is each numeral, and each shape.

Each point, each line, each circle, each spiral, each pattern, each cycle.

She defies description, and yet She is present in every word written here.

She is sound and vibration, energy and matter. The elements, the stars and planets.

The universe and the multiverse.

Light and shadow; the dazzling darkness.

The Triune: Maiden-Mother-Crone

She is the unfathomable quantities of cells which make up life as we know it.

She is the spark of life that animates any being which is alive.

She is the void in which death is contained, and transformed.

       She is 

              She was

                     She shall be

                            She is that


How will you know Her?

Ssshhh... be still

Feel your breath, your heartbeat


She is always speaking

Call with your heart's voice

She will answer

Hear and heed Her

Say yes




On our priestess paths, it has been our joy to get to know the Goddess in Her various emanations through the ages of human history. She has worn many faces and names, and we will be sharing some of these stories in our Sacred Library. And in these fortunate times, there are so many other resources available for you to read and listen to and see Her stories. Seek, and you shall surely find!


A wonderful and easy place to get to know Her is in nature. Whenever you are struck by majesty and awesome wonders, She is there! 


Know Her during joyful times with your loved ones (human or animal or plant), or in sacred solitude. Know Her in ritual, and in service, and in play.

Know Her too when you are in pain and sorrow and fear... for She is there more than ever.

Her loving arms encircle you at every moment.

All feelings, deeply noticed and resonant, call Her sacred presence to your awareness.


Soon, you will begin to realize...

She is everywhere at all times in all ways.

She is the peace which passeth understanding.

She is the balm which soothes the body and soul.

She is the dance of life-death-life.

She does miracles every moment.

She IS

Just as you ARE


In gratitude for our own paths, we send blessings to you on your unfolding path, as you begin and continue to follow Her lead, seeking and finding Her mystery and magic. Each path is unique, just as each life is unique. We are each a fractal of Her, a hologram, a shimmering mirrored jewel of pure creative potential and pure love. 

Each of us is but a tiny drop in the ocean of life... "yet what is any ocean but a multitude of drops?"

~ Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

May we all continue to awaken to the truth of Her perfect peace.

Circle Soft Strokes
Triple Goddess Faces Moon Phases Hills Water
Starry Sky_edited.jpg

She changes everything She touches,. And everything She touches changes

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