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Starry Night Sky

The Spiral 

Begin Here...enter the Spiral and explore the different cycles we honor here on Holy Earth.

Starry Night Sky
Spiral of Fire

The Solar Wheel of the Year, comprised of eight High Holy Days, or Sabbats

Waning Crescent Moon and Venus

A cyclical journey through eight phases and the zodiac, 13 times annually

Earth Space Moon

Astrology: the dance of planets and stars in our galaxy and the universe

beach watercolor background

Earth, Water, Fire, Air: the energetic building blocks of our physical world

Wheel of the Year seasons with trees

The Sun:
The Wheel of the Year

Come travel the Wheel of the Year with us as we connect to the energetic cycles of our mother, Gaia.

This nature-based spiritual practice provides a cyclical perspective of time in which we experience the birth, growth, death, and rebirth of each year. It is comprised of eight sacred times, also known as sabbats, that correspond to an important turning point in nature’s journey through the seasons. These are portal times, when all beings have direct access to the sacred energy of the cosmos. By devoting our attention to them, we can attune ourselves to the energetic cycles of the seasons and listen to nature’s divine guidance.

The Moon: 
13 Yearly Cycles

Moon in all phases

From time immemorial, the Moon has spoken to priestesses.

Her cycles remind us of the most basic tenet of the Goddess: that Her love, though always moving through different phases, is always present, guiding and holding us here on Earth. Thus, we are drawn to honor the phases of the moon, as mirrors of our own cycles and those of the Holy Earth.​


Over the course of our year, the Moon completes 13 lunar cycles, each time transitioning through her waxing and waning periods, from New to Full to Dark, and then New again. As the year passes, she will begin her cycle in each of the astrological signs offering us unique gifts, opportunities, and challenges for that lunar month. She is a trusted guide as we consciously and intentionally co-create on this ever-expanding spiral with the Divine.

Inanna crown of planets

The Stars: 
Music of the Spheres

We honor the cycles of our two luminaries - the Sun and the Moon - but what about the others in the sky?

We use the ancient art and science of astrology to flow with the cycles of the planets, stars and asteroids, which weave a sacred geometric pattern of light through our galaxy and beyond. They share their secrets and hold archetypal energies that shape our individual personalities, life stories, and generations.


We believe in the principle As Above So Below, for we understand that the celestial bodies have an individual, interactive, and collective influence on our Earthly plane. Their energetic effects create both ease and challenge, as well as unlimited opportunities for growth and expansion. Although vast and complex, with expanded awareness and understanding, we can learn to live in greater harmony and alliance with the cosmic world.

Earth Element
Air Element
Fire Element
Water Element

The Elements:
Sacred Energetic Building Blocks

 Nature is the embodiment of Spirit and is manifested through the energies of the four Elements:

Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Working with the Elements is a spiritual practice that attunes us to the sacred wisdom and power of Nature. They illustrate the Divine presence in our world and ourselves and reveal our intricate connection with all life. The energies of the Elements can help us discover, transform, and fulfill ourselves. Elemental magic makes us whole, unleashing an infinite flow of Divine energies that move naturally into the corresponding areas of our life, with inspiration, transformation, healing, and nourishment. Approach the elements with reverence and they will show you their true nature, purpose, and power.

flower of life galaxy

One thing

Becomes another

In the arms

Of the Mother

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