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Charms, Amulets and Talismans

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Thanks to Richard Webster, Wormwood Bleiberg, Jeanine Malec

charms and amulets in a bowl

Freyja offers love in exchange for the necklace. It’s part of her being, part of who she is, she’s the goddess of love. Freyja offers “war” / strife which we overcome again and again in exchange for the necklace. This too is part of who she is; she’s the goddess of war. She is also the goddess of magic - through magic, Brisingamen, becomes a talisman of integration, of transformation as Freyja reclaims her worth and sovereignty.

We too can work magick - To live the shining truth of self - to live love and magic, struggle and triumph - not conservatively and not waiting for a better day but now and in each moment; to stand in our power, to trust and accept ourselves.

We can co-create the magickal tools to help us do just that....


What is a charm, an amulet, a talisman? There are, no surprise, many interpretations - - here is how I work with them.

A charm is an object infused with magickal power for a specific purpose or benefit. You wear it or carry it or place it in a relevant location. As with much of magick, this work involves a manifestation of your own powers and abilities.

In this sense amulets and talismans are both charms. (Charms were originally spoken or sung. But eventually were more commonly replaced by objects… )

So then, what is the difference between an amulet and a talisman?

An amulet provides protection. It can be natural material, like an animal's tooth or a semi-precious stone or you can choose man-made objects, like medals, bells, keys, coins or even a photograph. Even the ground under your house…Knots make effective amulets because they bind the negative.

A talisman is used to attract a particular benefit and enhance the power you already carry within you. Talismans require additional focus to “wake up” and direct latent energy. They are often created at times that are spiritually or astrologically significant to the selected purpose. Like amulets, any material can be used but they are frequently made from stone, metal, wax or paper as these substances can easily be inscribed with words or pictures to add additional focus.

You can make a charm anywhere or any time you need to. For example, you can draw a pentagram on a piece of paper, invoke protection and a sense of safety and then place it where you need, or carry it with you or you can create a sigil and leave it on your pillow for restful sleep. The activation process does not need to be elaborate. It should not be left behind if you leave the place where you made it unless you deactivate it.

Charms, amulets, and talismans carry the power of their inherent essence and then you get to put your own energy into them. The activation process involved cleansing, consecrating and charging – a process that can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Anything can be used. Your selection represents your intent by its color, shape or source. The initial objects may find you when you need them or they may come to you as a gift. Always thank the spirits of the place if you take something from nature and leave a gift behind, such as a strand of hair. You can incorporate objects that hold special significance – such as one that has been given to you or one that you find serendipitously, such as buttons and coins. (or a spiral on the street).

Often numerology or correspondences are used in making a selection. You can embellish something you decide to work with. Drawing a symbol on a candle, stringing beads together in a symbolic pattern or knotting cords are all examples of adding your own energy to an object. You can also add your energy to a charm made by someone else by holding it in your hand with intention, or by drawing on it or adding something to it.

This work creates a link, making your charm your own. You make exactly what you want and need. Making your own charms provides a way to combine your creativity with the materials that have come to you to co-create sacred, purposeful, supportive energy.

The general steps for creating a charm, amulet and especially a talisman are:

Determine what your purpose is. Take your time because you are focusing that aspect into your charm throughout the entirety of its creation.

Determine the proper timing of your work.

Choose the object you will imbue with purpose.

Cleanse the object on an energetic level to disassociate past frequencies so it can attune with your energy.

There are many ways to cleanse an object. You may choose to use one or more of the elements:

Burn a cleansing incense like palo santo, run the object through the smoke.

Bury it in the earth for a while, or in a bowl of salt or dirt.

Soak it in salt water or hold it under running water.

Pass it quickly through a candle flame.

Consecrate the object to elevate its purpose to a spiritual one through some act of blessing. Remember this - once consecrated, the item is sacred, and should be treated accordingly.

Some ways to consecrate an item include:

Say a prayer over it, dedicating the object to the intended purpose.

Anoint the object with oils that are consistent with the purpose.

Consecrate it by Air, Earth, Fire and Water in a blessing ritual: run it through incense smoke, sprinkle salt on it, pass it through flame, sprinkle water on it.

Charge the object to empower it with your energy. This is the act of focusing and raising your own energy level and then directing it into the object.

There are many ways to charge an object:

Perform a small ritual to raise energy and intent to invest in the item.

Dance, chant or meditate to raise power, pour that energy into the object.

Using visualization to transfer your energy and intent to the charm, then release it to perform its function in the world.

An important part of being responsible for a charm is to know about deactivation. Your charm will serve you faithfully, and the properties you imbued into it will last forever. This is not always desirable and, once your goal has been achieved, you might want to de-activate it usually by destroying it. Create your own ritual and always thank it sincerely for helping you.

Burn it, if it can be burned.

Break it, and bury it in the ground or release it in water, if it can’t be burned.

If the talisman is made of a valuable substance, such as gold or silver, remove the magickal properties by thanking it and releasing it for three days in a row.

MAKING MAGICK - a talisman to empower self-worth and sovereignty

You will need:

An object that holds special significance (a stone, a bead, a mala, etc)

Salt / Incense / Candle / Water

Hold your object in your hands as we meditate for a few moments on the purpose. Just as Freyja’s necklace symbolizes her power, her integration of self to declare her worth and reclaim her sovereignty, your selected item will be imbued with purpose to empower you. Know that as you walk in your power, those around you are transformed.

Raise your object to the sky to be cleansed by the power of this summer solstice sun. Feel it flowing into your hands. Visualize past energies being burned away.

Say: “By the divine light and heat of this solstice sun, powerful sun of the longest day... all past associations are burned away, cleansed and purified, ready to receive my energy and my intent.”

We now consecrate it by Air, Fire, Water and Earth in a blessing ritual.

Light the incense, pass the talisman over the smoke, then turn to the East

Say: “Spirits of air, spirits of the East, power of knowing, I ask you to activate this talisman with the energy of life giving breath. I know my worth.”

Light the candle, turn the talisman over the flame, then turn South

Say: “Spirits of fire, spirits of the South, power of doing, I ask you to activate this talisman with the energy of the sacred flame. I act as a passionate sovereign being.”

Put 3 drops of water on the talisman, face West

Say: “Spirits of water, spirits of the West, power of feeling and release, I ask you to activate this talisman with the vital energy of the source of life. I release all falsehoods and feel my power.”

Sprinkle salt on the talisman, turn North

Say: “Spirits of the earth, spirits of the North, power of being, I ask you to activate this talisman for protection with the abundant, living energy of the earth. I am a proud and confident being. “

Your talisman is now a magical tool.

Hold your talisman to your heart

Say: “So mote it be”

Charms, Amulets and Talismans
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