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Lammas Ceremony Themes

Here are some ideas for themes and activities to include in your Lammas ceremony.

Drumming and chanting to celebrate abundance

Share Cakes and Ale


Share poems about Ripening, Harvest, Patience, Curiosity

Read the sacred story of Ceres and Proserpina


Journal in pictures by drawing your own Goddess card

Gather your materials:

Creative supplies - paper, paints, pencils, crayons, etc

A connection with a goddess

Spirit of non-judgement / A curious open mind

We’ve worked with oracle decks and we’ve done journaling. In both cases we feel a connection to our inner being and something bigger that sparks our intuition and brings guidance. Today we are going to combine the two and tap into our creativity.

There is power in creating something inspired by your intuition. Intention is the power behind spells and magical tools. When you make something from an idea and an inspiration from your heart and your head, it carries the enhancement of your personal power.

With your materials nearby, let’s start with a meditation to open open and tap into the energy of the goddesses we’ve come to know and even those we’ve yet to connect with.

Now close your eyes and breathe…. Relax your body,

Imagine you are standing in a sacred place, your sacred space.

The air is soft and you feel completely safe. From the dim darkness you notice a stirring. In the distance there is the gentle sound of gliding footsteps. You are curious. Look! Emerging from the shadows you see Persephone. She is followed by Hecate. The rusting sounds from the mist continue as you are joined by Aprhodite, Kwan Yin, Freyja, Rhiannon. Lilith arrives. And Demeter. You smile at each other.

They join you in a circle. You are familiar friends. Spend a few moments looking in their eyes. Who is reaching out to take your hand? Who do you find yourself reaching for?

What images, colors, shapes or sensations come to you. It’s perfectly fine if there are none. All is as it is meant to be. Let your experience settle in your heart and mind’s eye.


Now open your eyes, take a breath and let whatever came to you settle in.

Pick up your creative materials and let yourself journal in a picture. A picture of your own creation.


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