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An overview of the current moment in space-time ~ July 2023

Litha summer solstice sunflowers

The Wheel of the Year:

June 20-22
The Ripening

I want that love that moved the mountains. 

I want that love that split the ocean. 

I want that love that made the winds tremble. 

I want that love that roared like thunder. 

I want that love that will raise the dead. 

I want that love that lifts us to ecstasy. 

I want that love that is the silence of eternity. 


Beautiful musings on the month of July, from

"July is a month that hangs in the balance between the Sabbats of Litha and Lughnasadh.

We have passed the sun’s highest peak and the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, but summer is not yet fleeting. We rest in its fullness. The summer months are a time to head into nature. Nature knows all, and we can feel it blooming right now.

In July, we can go to the rivers, lakes, and oceans to honor water magick in all its forms. We can gaze at the sun and say thank you for its lessons of power and strength. In the evenings, we can search the horizon for fireflies, deer at the edges of the forest, and the fox.

Not yet a time of harvest, we can focus on our intentions. What seeds did we plant back at the equinox? How are we tending to these plants that are not yet fully grown? There is much magick to be made in summer. Go now, and follow your spark. 

During July we let summer hold us in its arms. We burn our fires looking ahead and behind on the wheel of the year. We hang suspended in balance for a brief magick moment. We go to the waters. We leave offerings to the goddess, and we say thank you to the rivers, streams, oceans, and lakes. We honor our steadfastness. We lean against the vast trunks of Oak and the immortal boughs of Holly. We connect to our inner heat, our inner lioness, our inner nurturer, and we thank the sun."

In the season of Litha, we celebrate the Joy of Sacred Union!

For more information and ideas about how to honor and celebrate Litha, check out our information page by clicking the button below.

The Moon: 
Honoring Our Teachers

Moon Phases

The Moon will be Full in the sign of Capricorn on July 3. July's full moon is known as the Hay Moon, and also as the Guru Purnima Moon, the time of year when we honor our teachers. 


The Full Moon means the Sun and Moon are completely opposite each other in the sky, with the Moon fully reflecting the Sun's light. Thus the Full Moon will be in the astrological sign opposite to the Sun.


The Full Moon is a time to celebrate accomplishments, and prepare to release what no longer serves, especially in the areas related to Capricorn, such as:

  • Goals

  • Discipline

  • Purpose

  • Achievement

  • Foundations

  • Karma

  • Ascension

The Moon is New in the sign of Cancer on July 17.

The New Moon means the Sun and Moon are completely conjunct (or together) in the sky, with the Moon hidden in the rays of the Sun and invisible to our eyes. Thus, the New Moon will be in the same astrological sign of the Sun.


As a new cycle begins, it's time to envision new possibilities and set intentions, especially in the areas related to Cancer, such as:

  • Home

  • Emotions

  • Ancestors

  • Vulnerability

  • Safety

  • Contemplation

  • Heart and breasts

Read more about the Moon and her phases by clicking the button below.


The Stars: 
Cancer Season and Leo Season


The Sun is in Cancer from June 21 through July 22.

The ruling planet of Cancer is the Moon, and its symbol is the Crab.

Keywords for Cancer: Mother, nurturing, moody, empathy, defense, home


And the Sun moves into Leo from July 22 through August 23.

The ruling planet of Leo is the Sun, and its symbol is the Lion.

Keywords for Leo: Sovereignty, heart, pride, generosity, leadership, initiation

"July 2023 is a busy month with the Lunar Nodes changing signs and Venus stationing retrograde. All of this cosmic energy creates a turning point in the energy of our year. We may find ourselves needing more patience, and the desire to pause and reflect may grow. 

With Venus in retrograde, matters of the heart may rise to our attention, and we may feel a spotlight shone on the relationships in our lives. There may be some challenging things that come into view, but we are also offered the opportunity for a deeper heart awakening."   ~ Forever Conscious

For more detailed astrological information on the month of July 2023, check out these resources:

Forever Conscious

"With all of the cosmic energies flowing this month and the growing number of retrograde planets in our sky, July is a perfect time to go with the flow. Keep your expectations in check and try to just show up as your best self on any given day. Things may feel a little rocky, but if we allow ourselves to flow, we may just find that we arrive on territory that is perfect for where we need to be."

The Power Path

"The exciting thing this month is the anticipation of things moving forward and supporting you to show up differently and more aligned with your inner wisdom despite what your past and those related to it have dictated. It is truly a new time and you deserve to enter that new landscape that will give you what you truly want. Manifesting comes easily this month; however, you want to be really careful that you do not recreate the same old thing. When in doubt ask yourself, “how is this different than what I had in the past?""

Read more about the Stars and Planets by clicking the button below.

water element

The Elements:
Water and Fire

fire element

This month, with the Sun first in Cancer and then in Leo, we feel the elements of Water and Fire deeply.

The sign of Cancer is in the element of Water, and holds the quality of Cardinal (initiation).

"The Crab is not the largest, biggest, or most dangerous creature in the sea. It is not really an animal that we think of when we hear the words protector, and yet, despite its outward appearance, the Cancer Crab was all of those things.

The crab gets its strength, its fierceness not from its physical body, not from its knowledge, but from its heart. As our heart expands, as we connect with the love that we are, and the love that surrounds us, we too are able to find our courage, our compassion, and our strength." ~ Forever Conscious

The sign of Leo is in the element of Fire, and holds the quality of Fixed (stationary).

"We all know the Lion is the king of the jungle and a proud, fearless energy but on deeper levels, Lion energy is about shedding the false self and stepping into all we are. In modern astrology, the energy of Leo is linked to success, fame, confidence, and glamour. It can help our egos to shine and can give us a boost of energy, allowing us to play and explore our creative ideas. At its core however, Leo is really about finding simplicity, leading with the heart, and remembering that we need not be anything other than ourselves." ~ Forever Conscious

Read more about the Elements by clicking the button below.


Our calendar combines the dates referenced above, as well as major cultural holidays.

Click on each event to learn more.

TimeandDate is a wonderful reference to see exact times for your time zone.

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