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Starry Sky Milky Way



We are Barbara, Ann, and Daria...

a Druid, a Wiccan, a Priestess.

Together, we are the Three Sisters, dedicated
to the Path of the Goddess and to each other,
and to being and becoming vessels of Love
in service of the holy Earth and all life. 

Make it Sacred ~ Share the Magic


​This site is our sacred container, our offering...

  A record of our journey through lifetimes 


A resource for our sisters and brothers
on the Goddess path 


An invitation to join our ceremonies,
rituals and reverent circles 

A sacred library of our creative offerings 

Above all, we aim to share Her voice with anyone who has found their way here.

Blessed Be,,

Barbara, Ann and Daria

Step Inside The Circle

Wheel of the Year spiral

Follow The Spiral

The Wheel turns…

and we celebrate

the holy days of the Sun

and the phases of the Moon

Sacred Library Triskele

The Sacred Library

A compendium of our ceremonies and rituals,
plus creative ideas for altars, music, poetry, and more

Wheel of the Year Connect

Join The Temple

Celebrate the High Holy Days with us in our temple circle,
and work individually with any or all of the Three Sisters

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